Keyword Research, Analysis and Recommendation are the cornerstones of an Online Marketing Strategy including PPC. It is aimed at not only getting your Website ranked with the Search Engines, but also in getting your PPC campaign enhanced and made more result-oriented, leading to increased Online visibility and higher volumes of targeted visitors to your Site as well as PPC Ad.

Keyword Research for PPC is incredibly important. The whole of PPC campaign is built around keywords and as such, Adwords Advertisers continuously refine their PPC Keyword list to include newer ones that has the ability to drive traffic to your Site.

When preparing keywords for PPC, factors like the average Cost-Per-Click (CPC), etc, needs to be done to find out if those keywords and the match-type of keywords can be afforded.

EMBLIX Digital Marketing Company possesses strong expertise in PPC Keyword Research and Recommendation. The team at EMBLIX, using a wide range of tools and techniques, can trawl and then pinpoint the most powerful keywords that exactly meet your requirements.

At EMBLIX, we conduct both internal and external keyword research; ensure that the right mix of keywords and key phrases are selected while also providing recommendations of which keywords to avoid during the campaign.

The team at EMBLIX has honed its expertise over the years to help clients select keywords that are most closely associated with their target-audience and their marketing goals. As such, it remains well-positioned to cater to all of your needs.


  • Conduct of extensive research into which keywords and phrases provide your business with the maximum return on your investment.
  • Reviewing of which keywords are currently bringing targeted visitors to your Site and which keywords are producing a high conversion-rate. The whole process is done with the help of Site Analytics.
  • Creation of a list of relevant keywords on a page-by-page basis for each PPC Advertising landing page.
  • Reviewing of your competitors Sites to determine what keywords they are targeting; list of possible keywords is presented later.
  • Analyzing keywords and keyword phrases to determine their effectiveness.
  • Providing summarized keyword suggestions.
  • Making recommendations on the most suitable keywords.
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