Payment Gateway

The payment gateway allows the e-commerce store to accept the credit card payment from the customers. If you are looking to combine the, PayPal or other payment gateways to your online site then you need to get help from the experts. These days most of the companies are offering the payment gateway integration services. So you hire the best Payment gateway integration services in Hyderabad to your website. The specialist of the payment gateway provides the exclusive service that helps your customers to make payment through the online. The Payment gateway Integration Company’s in Hyderabad equipped with the skilled and experienced experts to spot the perfect techniques that suite your business needs. We have a lot of experience in this field so we provide the first-class services to our clients. For the cost-effective and best payment gateway integration, hire the Payment gateway integration in Hyderabad. With the help of latest technology, we provide the best services to our customers.


In the digital world, the payment gateway is one of the popular e-commerce services. The payment gateway allows the merchants to accept the credit card or any other form of payment method through the online site. If the payment method on the e-commerce site is not properly set-up then you could the loss of product order on the store. With the help of the payment gateway integration, you can sell the products in an effective way. It helps to improve sales on your online store and also increase the customer satisfaction.

What is Payment gateway integration?

These days, there is a huge range of the online shopping website available that are created to sell the products through the online. There is a payment method available on the e-commerce site. After the customers buy anything from the online store, they will make payment easily by using the payment gateway. Integrating the payment gateway into the online site allow the customers to make the payment e quite easily. The Emblix Solutions help the business owner to get the payment gateway integration for the e-commerce site.

Are you looking to improve payment option for your business? Then you can hire the payment gateway integration company for your business. The Payment gateway Integration company’s in Hyderabad create the secure and safe environment for the online transaction. The company provides the developers a variety of code, phone support, tool kits, testing, and others to ensure the knowledge of seamless transfer. By using the latest technique our experts can implement payment gateway integration and API effectively.

What are the complex steps in payment gateway integration?

The leading company provides the integrated payment gateways through the Application Programming Interface allowing the audience to make payments easily. The experienced programmers of Payment gateway integration in Hyderabad has provide the expertise in the payment gateway integration of the custom online shopping solutions. Our experts will explain the complexities of the payment gateway integration. They help you integrate the payment gateway on the e-commerce site. The payment gateway integration service provider offers various services so you can choose any payment gateway service as per your needs and choice.

When to use server integration method

The server integration method is specially designed to improve the transaction security by preventing replay attacks. It helps to prevent the alteration of the transaction amount and validating the transaction source. The Payment gateway integration services in Hyderabad have experienced experts and they use the server integration method in an effective way. The server integration method works by having the e-commerce site design the special fingerprint for each transaction which is offered to the Authorize.Net. The shared transaction key and data is stored in the safe location on the e-commerce site and inside the online shopping Authorize.Net account.

Why should you choose Emblix Solutions?

The Emblix Solutions provide the developer with the flexible and simple payment gateway integration methods. We have the highly experienced developers and they create user-friendly mobile application or website to our customers. Choose the project for the payment gateway integration plus value-added services such as multi-MID, recurring billing, and others. The company provides the specific language and sample code such Python, WCF REST, PHP, JavaScript and other protocols. You can choose the preferred language and then launch the project for all resources the clients need to get started. There is lot of the reason for choosing the Emblix solutions for the payment gateway integration such as

  • Cost-effective service
  • Customizing as the e-commerce site owners need
  • Secure online transaction
  • Applying simple shopping cart integration method
  • Robust online transaction and much more

Benefits of Payment gateway Integration

A payment gateway Integration authorizes the payments for the retailers in every business. The retailers ensure that personal information like credit card numbers and others. The payment gateway Integration passed the transaction safely from customer to merchant and merchant to payment processor with the help of encryption. You can gain lot of the benefits of integrating the payment gateway such as

  • Unique features
  • 24/7 hours online payment option
  • Added convenience with refund
  • Multiple currency payment options
  • Data protection
  • Improve flexibility with payment feature
  • Simple to install
  • Online payment receipt
  • Save money on money transaction and others

The payment gateway integrating service provider emblix solutions offers the best services to the e-commercial site. It helps to improve the transaction security. Our experts have experience in the payment gateway integration so they provide different online shopping cart software.