Remarketing Ads Company in Hyderabad


Sometimes referred to as ‘Retargeting Ads’, Remarketing Ads is an Online Banner Ad that gets displayed to Website Visitors after they leave your Website. A good example is that of shopping online for a new pair of shirts. A day later you could be reading a newspaper or magazine and suddenly finding an Ad displaying the same pair of shirts.

Remarketing Ads are normally displayed for a selected duration of time after Site Users visit your Site, and will be visible only to past Site Visitors who meet your defined customer-criteria (impression developed based on their interactions with your Site).

The benefits you enjoy include:

  • Your business pays only if they click your Ad.
  • Allows your business to stay on top of the mind of your target-audience, even after the Site Visitors leave your Site.

But there are some Sites that are often abandoned by Site Visitors quickly which can be frustrating since you could never get another chance to communicate with such Visitors again. EMBLIX Digital Marketing Agency possess strong expertise to work out ways that will allow you to keep your brand, products or services, on top-of-the-mind of the Visitors even after they leave your Site.

From development of list of targets to creation and implementation of tags, EMBLIX’s team also work to craft Ads and new landing pages that will radically help improve your conversion rates.


Working with your team, our team will offer the following services:

  • Strategically place your Image Ads throughout the Internet that is in relevance with your industry.
  • Dissect your Site’s conversion opportunities and formalize a strategy for capturing the attention-span of a wider audience.
  • Target your Site’s Visitors not converted earlier into a buyer or a lead.
  • Analyze your campaign’s performance and optimize it to drive traffic and increase conversions.
  • Monitor the efficacy of our strategy through a continuous monitoring system.

We can display remarketing across the following platforms:

  • Websites within the Google Display Network.
  • Facebook.
  • Gmail.
  • Google Search Advertising
  • YouTube.
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