Top Benefits Mail Chimp offers to Businesses


Top Benefits Mail Chimp offers to Businesses

Email marketing is the most preferred online marketing method used by all size of business. It is one way of reaching out the maximum target audience and companies expect god leads through it. However, as times changing companies approach towards target audience and email marketing is also changing. Entrepreneurs are using different methods to mail clients and customers. But this doesn’t mean that they are moving over from emailing. According to one study, globally 74 trillion emails are exchanged yearly and are set to increase in near years.

Although, emailing is the preferred option, entrepreneurs try for new methods. One such is Mail Chimp, the most option for mail exchange by entrepreneurs. In fact, companies are hiring services that can offer mail chimp emailer designs in Hyderabad. If you are running small or mid-sized company in Hyderabad, then you can connect with the professional service to get best mail chimp emailer designs in Hyderabad.

Before we learn the about benefit mail chimp offers to business, let us check the importance of email marketing-

Email marketing is the process of engaging with existing and potential target audience to promote service. The process involves email- sending, newsletter, special offers, new product update, etc. It is the key to reach out the potential customer base and one of the most effective online marketing strategies. According to McKinsey & Company- E-mail remains a significantly more effective way to acquire customers than social media—nearly 40 times that of Facebook and Twitter combined”

If you have a great product, service and website, but poor promotion method, then it are a huge failure. If you aren’t that great in email marketing, then hiring a digital marketing service is the best you can do. There are some professional digital marketing companies in Hyderabad that also deals with email marketing and mail chimp tool.

What Mail Chimp?

Founded in the year 2001, Mail Chimp has more than 35 million users currently making it the most preferred option. Mail Chimp is an email marketing tool allowing user to send emails to hundreds of recipient at once. It is a tool you can use for creating and managing mailing lists and newsletters. Moreover, it offers hassle-free integration with website and is easy to use. There are different designs the sender can choose to optimize and send it to the recipient. Companies approach services that offer top mail chimp emailer designs in Hyderabad helping business to reach out the maximum audience.

Here are some of the benefits companies can have with mail chimp-

  1. Saves Costs and Timing-

There are various email-marketing tools used by companies that can be highly priced. But if your business is mid-sized then Mail Chimp is the best to go for. It is forever free and you also get the subscriber list of 2000 and a monthly limit of 12,000 emails. Moreover, as the tool offers user to send mails to hundreds of recipient at a time, it certainly saves enough time.

  1. User Friendly-

The best thing about Mail Chimp is its user friendly features. It has some great designs and layouts to customize and create mails. Over the years, the company has improved a lot in terms of designs and user interface. Just choose the template and set your layout according to the need. Once done, you can send the mail.

  1. Feature-Rich-

Mail Chimp is boosted with features helping user to create mails accordingly. Some of the favorite features-

  • Scheduling- You can prepare the emails and schedule it according to the time and date.
  • List Segmentation- You can segment the list to ensure your emails are getting to the right audience. You can create groups within the list so you can mail as much as you can at a time.
  • Integration- The tool offers seamless integration with other apps and services. This allows you to market your product and service to maximum platforms. Moreover, it works well with CRM process.
  1. Tracking Email Results-

The best thing about this tool is you will get complete insight about the email campaign you did with the Mail Chimp tool. You can know how many receivers reacted to the mails sent, how campaigns are performing and opted for subscription. This allows you to plan your email marketing campaign accordingly.


As you got complete insight about how mail chimp offer benefits to business, you need to connect with the right company offering the service. Emblix Solution offers top mail chimp emailer designs in Hyderabad for clients to promote their brands and products.