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Growing importance of digital marketing in Hyderabad

N K Chaitanya May 9, 2016

Take a product/service. Marketing is all that happens from the idea of a product until it is made, tested, sold, modified, re-priced, promoted and eventually retired from inventory. Marketing responds to the needs of a customer and creates demand for a product while the fulfillment of that demand is the sales’ task. The last century,… Continue Reading »


Inbound marketing uses in India

N K Chaitanya March 8, 2016

Inbound marketing is a term used for promoting company through blogs, podcast, eBooks, white papers, SEO, social media marketing and other forms of content marketing to attract different types of customers/clients through different stages of purchase funnel. The inbound marketing when compared to traditional marketing methods is that in this type of marketing the customers… Continue Reading »


Out bound marketing uses in India

N K Chaitanya March 1, 2016

Outbound marketing also known as traditional marketing is a marketing strategy that is implemented by companies to promote their products or services. Outbound marketing involves contacting prospective customers/clients through referrals, emails, cold calling, Television commercials, and paper or media/banner advertisements. Outbound marketing even though quite expensive than inbound marketing is a target based marketing that… Continue Reading »

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