Marketing Automation

Marketing automation in simple terms can be defined as using software platforms and other information technology tools to effectively market products and services through multiple online channels such as email, social media, mobile, inbound marketing and indulging in other website actions. Market automation involves nurturing that helps in converting prospects to customers and then turning those customers into delighted or actual paying customers/clients. Marketing automation helps companies in generating revenues and providing an excellent return on investment.

The early phase of marketing automation began in 1992 with Unica – an Enterprise Marketing Management firm that was later acquired by IBM. However, the marketing automation industry began its exponential growth during the late 2000s from a $225 million industry to $1.65 billion industry within a short span of five years. The early marketing automation systems revolved around email campaigns but with the advent of advanced internet marketing tools has led more powerful marketing automation tools into action.

The penetration of broadband saw more marketing automation tools to be built or been migrated to cloud. The birth of many cloud based tools such as Ontaport (2006), Hubspot and Act-On etc further strengthened the marketing automation services. The current practices of marketing automation integrate a host of services with many marketing tools developed, integrated and acquired resulting in robust marketing services.

Emblix solutions understands the power of marketing automation and as such our Marketing Automation programs integrate a host of services that include –

  • Email Marketing
  • Data Clean Up
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • SEO compatibility
  • Social Marketing
  • Lead Scoring
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Social Media Integration and much more

Emblix Solutions marketing automation gives the marketing team real tools that demonstrate our contribution towards our clients/customers in driving their revenue and helping them towards their business growth. Through our marketing automation tools we are able to gain valuable insights about both current customers and leads. Our multi fold approach is enabling our clients to spend more time focussed on strategy, planning and alignment.

Emblix solutions marketing automation helps maximizing your website launch effort by progressing leads through the buyer funnel that result in more leads converting to sales opportunities. Our marketing automation platform incorporates new systems by taking advantage of the marketing automation tools full functionality. Emblix solutions marketing automation tools can work as a standalone system or integrate with your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.

As an all in one digital marketing agency, we at emblix solutions has expertise in generating sustainable growth for our clients by using marketing automation strategies and tools. Our marketing consultants have expertise in selecting the right marketing automation tool depending upon your requirements and your budget to get the maximum ROI. The emblix solutions team while implementing your marketing automation platform (MAP) undertakes the following activities-

  • Creates, manages, deploys, monitors and analyzes your marketing campaigning for maximum impact.
  • Performs Gap Analysis to identify gaps in your processes and makes necessary recommendations.
  • Recommends which automation tool best fits your requirement.
  • By using implementation methodology, emblix solutions team has expertise in implementing demand generation platforms within a short time.
  • Our team of marketing automation professionals has expertise in building a robust MAP that collaborates successfully with your customer relationship management (CRM) platform.

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