Founder & sales & delivery head for India

Chaitanya Nandigam is the founder and CEO of Emblix solutions which is ranked as Silicon India Top 10 Digital Marketing Company. He is also a digital marketing consultant and develops strategies with 9 years of experience in leading digital strategy.

When creating digital marketing, Chaitanya Nandigam is the top most leading marketer to increase online brand and customer engagement. Of course, he has proven ability to achieve ROI for online and traditional marketing initiatives. He also creating, implementing, and optimizing strategies based on the analysis of metrics.

Therefore, this makes them a great businessman by following the strict code of ethics and develops the business strategy forever. Beyond the industry standard, Chaitanya Nandigam deserves many things such asdefining and embedding strategy for lead generation, online brand management, and customer engagement.

On the other side, he is an accomplished team leader in completing the assigned tasks on time with utmost satisfaction in the business.

He is also an experienced and professional SEO/SM leader while working with the client as an agent for a variety of business sectors and environment. It provides creative and managerial direction to high impact, cost-effective sales, and marketing strategies.

Most often, his business development is to maintain strategies in the form of SEM/SEO professionals. He develops and discovers new marketing initiatives by means of online distribution of content and adverts.

Chaitanya Nandigam should implement SEO and SEM strategies to drive incoming traffic and leads. He is also working on Adwords, Facebook AdManager, and other social engine ads platform.

It analyzes for small to medium size business on various online marketing strategies forever. He maintains proven track record in leading organizational transformation with results measured in a financial way.

He acts as Deft at conducting a risk analysis to identify operational and functional risks to manage relationships with skills. Chaitanya Nandigam experiences with over 9 years of qualitative sales and management experience.